Why Union Labor Must Have Rights and Freedoms

Why Union Labor Must Have Rights and Freedoms

Labor unions are known for their positive effect when it comes fighting for the fights or the American workforce. They provide a beneficial platform for workers to bargain when it comes to their dues and safety in their different work environments. However, not many people know that these bodes that seek to defend the rights of workers do not enjoy a lot of rights and freedoms. Over the past few decades, union memberships have declined and this can be attributed to the lack of strength with labor unions. This decline in unions has given corporations greater supremacy with no form of opposition and what most people do not know is that destroying unions, also destroys the economy as a whole.

Today we look at some of the reasons why labor unions deserve to have more rights and freedoms.

Unions Encourage Fair Treatment of Workers

The working families of America need to be collectively represented so as to get fair treatment in the workplace. Most corporations mainly focus on turning profits and spend less time focusing on the people that make this happen, these are the employees. Employers are now trying to let go of the responsibility of providing benefits such as reasonable work hours, pension coverage, health insurance and job safety. Employment is now less secure thanks to rising part-time employment, off –shore employment and work contracts dominating the employment scene. By strengthening labor unions, employees are able to fight for legislation that protects their right to work and fair remuneration.

Labor Union Rights and Freedoms Under Siege

The National Labor Relations Act gives employees the right to form unions and engage in collective bargaining. At the same time, about a quarter of the American work force had no legal protection when it comes to forming unions. Domestic employees, farm workers, independent contractors as well as managers have no federal legislation that recognizes their freedom to form unions. Temporary employees are also banned from bargaining collectively with permanent employees without consent from their temp agency and employer. Due to the fact that these American employees have no labor representation, they are subjected to unfair working hours and poor wages. By increasing the freedom of unions for these employees, fair treatment in employment would be achieved.

How to Reform Labor Union Laws

Due to the repression of labor unions, there is not much that employees can do when their jobs are taken offshore. The American workforce is simply left with fewer jobs. However there are things that can be done to reform labor labors and the first thing to do would giving workers the freedom to choose who can represent them. Though the right to strike is given to workers, employers are also allowed to hire permanent employees in replacement of the striking workers with economic strikes. This completely strips labor unions of their right and freedom to fight for their rights. Apply for jobs.

The only way that the American workforce can fully benefit from labor laws is by enhancing the rights and freedoms accorded to labor unions.

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