Why Union Labor Must Be Saved to Save Jobs in California

Why Union Labor Must Be Saved to Save Jobs in California

California is a city that has a history of working with its labor unions to collectively save jobs. A year ago the Sacramento firefighter union saved 44 jobs by getting into a deal with city labor officials. It’s such occurrences that showcase the importance of unions in not only fighting for higher remuneration but actually saving jobs.

How Can Unions Save Jobs in California

If you are a union worker, you are obviously aware that your labor organization has bargained on your behalf to bring about a better work environment. Labor unions influence wages, work hours, health and safety amongst other matters. The agreement is usually between the employer and the union and by being a part of such a body; you are protected to a certain extent when it comes to layoffs. Layoffs are quite popular in California and as a union worker; you need to have a look at your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to know where you stand when it comes to layoffs.

Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs): Provisions That Save Your Job

Layoffs are usually based on seniority or the employee’s duration of employment. If for example you are competing against a lay-off with a colleague, your CBA could help save your job through provisions such as bumping. If for example you have about 10 years seniority and a co-worker has five years but is more qualified for the position than you are, your CBA can allow your employer to save the job for the less senior employee. In many CBAs, you will find super seniority provisions and these basically protect union workers that are responsible for ensuring that the CBA is followed when handling disputes. If you are a CBA steward, your union can help you save your job by seeing to it that you are the last to be laid off. Some agreements even require the employer to save jobs for union workers. In other words, your union can very well prevent your employer from laying you off and replacing you with non-union workers. On the same note, your CBA could also bar your employer from subcontracting work that is usually carried out by union workers. Instead of losing your job, your CBA may allow you to either choose the layoff or reduce work hours.

Why Should We Save Labor Unions?

There are many reasons as to why Californian workers must be ready to save labor unions. Like we have mentioned above, labor unions ultimately help save jobs thanks to the collective bargaining agreements they get into with employers. Terms of employment are much better for union employees than non-union employees. If layoffs are inevitable, union agreements help employees to gain reduced work hours or reschedule work altogether. Thanks to corporations like Family Dollar for stepping up in support of voting no.  You can also apply at Family Dollar. These agreements can also see to it that employers recall or rehire employees that had been laid off.

One of the best ways that Californians can save their jobs is by protecting labor unions. As we have seen, these unions play a vital role in protecting the jobs of the American workforce.

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